About Us


Who are we?

Our Directors, John Enos, Andy Kirby and Brendan Llewellyn offer combined senior FS sector experience of over 80 years. We have direct experience in financial advice and wealth management, in corporate leadership, in strategy, media, marketing and product. If you partner with Adviser Home you only deal with the Directors.

What does Adviser Home do?

Adviser Home exists to help advisers run, develop and market their business. We do this with a combination of services and we are always on the lookout for a fresh approach, new ways to help your business.

Adviser Home in brief - download this short PDF for a quick summary of the business.

Adviser Store– have a look here to see what would help your business – from strategic help, social media training, web development, PR and a series of technical or client tools. In many cases we can offer you a discount on the market price as we develop a range of buying groups. If you have something in mind then please tell we and we will try to source.

Resources– we gather together a raft of free resources for you from the provider world – from sample approach letters to education pieces.

Commercial Partnerships– we work with a select number of providers chosen because their products or services can help you develop your business. You can access these under Development Zones and here you’ll see the range of organisations who use Adviser Home to help them engage with the adviser community. 

Communication –we keep you up to date with at least couple of emails a week including the Monday Mail which also carries our weekly news digest from John Lappin

Events in the sector – our Adviser Calendar is free for you to access – you can search for what’s on near you – and the Calendar even includes webinars and other on line events

Research – we carry out detailed research within the adviser market – often focussed on different aspects of business development. Our work on FAMR has embraced input from providers, advisers, the FCA and HM Treasury

Social Media – you can join our LinkedIn group and follow us on Twitter

Adviser Home events – we run business development events to bring advisers together with business development and marketing experts and select providers who can offer routes to help you expand your practice

Keeping in touch – to keep up to date with Adviser Home just register

Transparency and disclosure

Adviser Home is remunerated by the service partners, either on a flat fee basis or as a percentage of the cost of the service in question.

It receives commercial sponsorship support from a range of FS provider groups. It may also take advertising revenues from any firm providing a relevant service to the adviser community.

Adviser Home director Brendan Llewellyn also operates Marketing Edge, a strategic marketing consultancy – and is a partner in Narrative Dynamics. He may, in these capacities carry out work for service or commercial partners.

Andy Kirby is a director of Mint Wealth Management – this is an independent practice with no formal commercial arrangements with any firm connected with Adviser Home. Andy Kirby is also Founder of Money Alive and a Council member of the British Heart Foundation. 

Contact Us

If you would like to contact Adviser Home you can contact the Adviser Home Directors:

Brendan Llewellyn

T 07860 104 039
E [email protected]

Andy Kirby

T 07506 737 387
E [email protected]

John Enos

T 07701 092 334
E [email protected]

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