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Rathbone Greenbank Investments  - specialists in ethical and sustainable investment management

Rathbone Greenbank Investments is the dedicated ethical and sustainable investment team of Rathbones, managing £1.1 billion in ethical investment assets (as at 31 December 2017).

As specialists, we know how to balance financial objectives with ethical, social and environmental concerns. For us, ethical investment is not one strategy among many. It is ingrained in every aspect of how we manage money. We are one of the most experienced teams in this field and have been pioneers in driving change in business and society through ethical investment since 1997.

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Our approach

We are pleased to work with financial advisers from local and national firms, accountants, solicitors and tax advisers.

Our investment process is designed to meet each client’s individual financial and ethical requirements. With an unrestricted choice of investments, our investment managers have the freedom to find the best options for each client’s goals. That includes asset classes, funds and other structures that may not be open to all investors.

We have our own in-house ethical research team, which is central to our commitment to providing investments that are genuinely ethical and sustainable. We do not want your clients' values to be compromised by investments that do not meet these standards. Timely, balanced analysis from our research team helps our investment managers understand how new developments affect clients’ portfolios and future investment choices.

We will agree with you how you want this relationship to work. We can send reports, valuations and tax information to you or your clients. Being accessible has helped us build relationships with advisers throughout the UK.

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By investing with us, clients can have an influence on how companies operate. We engage directly with companies to encourage improvement in social and environmental performance. We use shareholder rights to vote at annual general meetings and work with other concerned investors to get our message across.

We have succeeded in securing commitments from companies to improve labour rights, animal welfare and environmental practices. We also engage with governments' on issues that concern us and our clients, for example working to encourage the incorporation of the transparency in supply chains element within the Modern Slavery Act.

Rathbone Greenbank Investments provides the ethical research for the Rathbone Ethical Bond Fund.

The Rathbone Ethical Bond Fund is an award-winning traditional socially responsible investment (SRI) fund managed by Bryn Jones, head of fixed income and Noelle Cazallis, assistant fund manager at Rathbones. The fund is a top-performing bond fund with competitive yield, suitable for specialist ethical investors.

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Important information

About Rathbone Greenbank Investments

Rathbone Greenbank Investments provides personalised and professional investment services for investors who wish to ensure that their investments take account of their environmental, social and ethical concerns. Greenbank manages £1.1 billion of funds (as at 31 December 2017) for individuals, charities, other not-for-profit organisations, trusts, and pension funds and is part of Rathbone Investment Management Ltd.


About Rathbone Investment Management

Rathbone Investment Management is one of the UK’s largest and longest-established providers of high-quality, personalised discretionary investment services. It manages over £39.1 billion* of funds for individuals, charities and trustees, and is part of Rathbone Brothers Plc, an independently owned company with a listing on the London Stock Exchange.

Rathbones manages over £4.7 billion of assets for nearly 1,200 UK charities, making them the fourth largest manager of charity assets in the UK. 

Investment management services are offered in Aberdeen, Birmingham, Bristol, Cambridge, Chichester, Edinburgh, Exeter, Glasgow, Kendal, Liverpool, London, Lymington, Newcastle and Winchester. Offshore investment management services are offered by subsidiary Rathbone Investment Management International in Jersey.

*As at 31 December 2017 and also includes funds managed by, subsidiary of Rathbone Brothers Plc,  Rathbone Unit Trust Management Limited.

Rathbone Investment Management Limited is authorised by the Prudential Regulation Authority and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and the Prudential Regulation Authority.

John David

Head of Rathbone Greenbank Investments

John David Head of Rathbone Greenbank Investments
Bryn Jones

Fund Manager and Head of Fixed Income, Rathbones

Bryn Jones Fund Manager and Head of Fixed Income Rathbones
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