What Works? Day 2 of 5

What Works Day 2 of 5

Better use of technology with clients

Nick McBreen
Worldwide Financial Planning

Moved away from paper note taking and make maximum use of i-pad in client meetings and all other meetings where content of discussion needs to be captured.

Definitely no longer use laptop in front of clients--makes the dialogue more human without the "machine"--however office meeting rooms have large screen facility and some clients really like to work with this during a meeting to look at valuations, portfolio holdings etc.

Time saving; ease of managing information and ability to upload notes quickly and easily to back office client file.

Digital file/meeting notes are easily accessible for future reference and great for cut/paste into report documents as and when required.

A range of marketing initiatives

Arthur Childs of ARCH Financial Planning

(1) Making regular changes, however small, to our websites (we have 13 but it works as well if you only have one). In particular adding in-house guides with lots of information that Google can find in its searches.Although only a small firm we get a number of email enquiries each month via our websites and some of these become clients.

(2) Send regular email bulletins to our clients on a single topic.This helps clients 'stickiness'. A couple have actually left us and then returned when they found out that not all advisers do this.

(3) If your back-office system allows it, give access to your clients to the data you hold on them and current valuations via your website.Once clients start using the system the ask if other investments/pension funds they have can be included

(4) Enter your firm for financial services awards. In this competitive world potential clients like to see that an potential adviser has the recognition of his or her peers as it gives them confidence. The results of awards, unlike many online testimonials are not able to be massaged.

Making the most of new legislation

Piers Jenkins
PJ Financial Services


George Osborne's budget in March 2014

For the first time, you can engage lower income clients in meaningful conversations about pension planning. They are now not forced down the annuity route, but can speak about postponing pension decisions, or plan long term with investment decisions also. They can even take some money out (not the best idea I know), but sometimes it needs to be done.

New Ideas

If you have ideas and practices you’d like to share please visit our page here and note them down.


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