What Works Day 3 of 5

What Works – Day 3 of 5

Three more great ideas for your business. All simple, all tried and tested.

Developing consistent client practices

Matthew Wiltshire
Niche Independent Financial Advisers Ltd

Performing a cash flow plan with each and every client.

Providing each client with a Cash flow plan really engaged them into to the planning process and shows them the effects of financial decisions pictorially in a way that is obvious. There are a number of excellent products available both free and paid.

I use CashCalc as I have helped develop it but it is not the only product that can help engage clients in this manner.

Using new communication media

Pete Matthew
Jacksons Wealth Management


I focussed on producing quality content for those people looking to take their personal finances seriously, but who needed help doing so. The primary medium was a weekly podcast.

Massive increase in listenership to 4000 downloads per week at the end of November 2014. Also, the podcast and its related online entities became the biggest source of new client enquiries to my practice as at the end of August, overtaking client referrals for the first time. The clients I am gaining from this medium are exactly the kind of clients we're after (some exception obviously, but easily screened out). The podcast has also led to speaking gigs and a commission to make some videos from major financial services providers. So a good year all in all, and proof that the internet economy works, for those prepared to put in the time and effort to provide lots of value online.

Doing the right background reading

Mark Williamson
Blackfriars Wealth Management

Reading The Pensions Regulator's detailed guidelines on Auto-Enrolment!

The result was that I felt infinitely more confident about talking to both fellow professionals (accountants/solicitors/HR companies) and clients about the matter.

Joint seminars planned with employment law solicitors with focus being on AE and how employers need to review their contracts.

In general it has really increased productivity and opened many new doors which would have previously been closed.

New Ideas

If you have ideas and practices you’d like to share please visit our page here and note them down.


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