What Works day 4 of 5

What Works – Day 4 of 5

Restructuring to achieve greater effectiveness

Jennifer Jones
Totus Capital Ltd

Our advisers have a fully qualified admin team who do all the admin and papa planning, leaving us advisers to only advise, we do not do any admin, even suitability letters. Everything is prepared for us to see the clients. Everything we request is obtained and provided.

Happy days!
Business expanding and income improved massively.

The benefit of qualifications

Clive Barwell, Towergate Financial

It is neither an initiative nor an idea, but being accredited by the Society of Later Life Advisers is really beginning to have a positive impact on the bottom line. The much-maligned Money Advice Service refers anyone over the age of 50 who contacts them and needs regulated financial advice to the SOLLA Find an Adviser website/telephone line. One enquiry this year has produced over £5,000 of initial fees and some £2,000 per annum in recurring income. Starts to make the application fee look very reasonable!

Finding the optimum investment proposition

Started to use model portfolios - using FE research (active) and more recently Parmenion (for low cost trackers)

Free up more of my time to see clients - but has meant support staff more busy at review times - and when we compare our portfolios with the new ones - clients invariably better off - win-win!

New Ideas

If you have ideas and practices you’d like to share please visit our page here and note them down.


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