What Works day 5 of 5

What Works – Day 5 of 5

Three more excellent ideas – could you benefit from adopting these practices?

Setting the right client promise

Stephen L Atwell IFA's

Under promise and over deliver good customer service.

During 2013 we met with a high net worth client who had been recommended to us on the basis that we always delivered on our promises. £30,000 in fee income for the initial work done and £4,000 per annum of ongoing fees and three recommendations to similar customers. The result for the customer was that we promised that we would save the client £150,000 in tax but the end result is that we have saved him almost £300,000 in tax.

Finding the right technical partner

Robert Caplan
first wealth

Working with City Trustees to understand how some of the more technical areas of pension planning could help and benefit our clients. Property purchase, loan backs, unlisted share purchase is such a specialist area that you need to work with a company who can be totally flexible in this space and City trustees demonstrated this to us.

Increased business in establishing SIPP and SSAS that utilised the full range of facilities including property purchase, unlisted share purchase and loan backs.

Branding and Location

Neil Henderson
Henderson Moore Financial Solutions Ltd

Re- branding the business and relocating to a business park. A different type of client has resulting and the businesses based in our new location create and networking opportunities.

We hope you’ve taken something from What Works Week – and if you would like to share more then just visit us here and note them down. Thanks


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