How we work

Adviser Home is driven by the desire to help advisers take full control of their business development - but first let’s start with some generalisations:

  1. Providers have large budgets, advisers don’t
  2. The sector is changing, everything will be affected.
  3. Providers sometimes give advisers marketing or business development support
  4. Broadly, they expect some business in return , but that can’t be a formal arrangement
  5. Some providers offer free training and have even paid for the right to train advisers
  6. Soon, courtesy of the RDR, most provider products will be priced on a factory gate basis – this will cause them to look more carefully at the economics of broad brush support
  7. Some providers are already cutting down – marketing budgets are under greater scrutiny

But what follows from this? Well, the kind of world we envisage is one where advisers take the lead in all aspects of their business – at least those advisers who want to run a business.

But most advisers, most of the time, are focussed on client servicing so business and marketing development might take second place – they may not get enough practice to become expert in it – not their fault.

That’s where we come in – we act on behalf of large numbers of adviser firms and help them in their business and marketing development.

Our job is to see what adviser firms need and source it from specialists.

  1. So, to take one example, if PI is a challenge for many adviser firms we develop a solution
  2. If you’re concerned at the cost of client servicing – we’ve thought about another route
  3. If you think your marketing needs a makeover we have just the team to help
  4. If you want to make sure your advisers all make Level 4 in time we have a new on line solution
  5. For a full list of our current services just scan services

If there’s something missing – tell us – drop us a note on [email protected] or to test the water on the views of your peers have a look at the Adviser Home LinkedIn Group

And when you engage with one of our services please tell us what you think – we stand and fall by the quality of the Partners we select. Any feedback, good and bad – tell us on [email protected]


Transparency and disclosure

Adviser Home is remunerated by the service partners, either on a flat fee basis or as a percentage of the cost of the service in question.

 It receives commercial sponsorship support from J.P.Morgan, M&G and Schroders. It may also take advertising revenues from any firm providing a relevant service to the adviser community.

Adviser Home director Brendan Llewellyn also operates through a separate company as a strategic and marketing consultant – he may, in this capacity carry out work for service or commercial partners.

Andy Kirby is a Council member of the British Heart Foundation, Adviser Home current chosen charity.

Andy Kirby is a director of Mint Wealth Management – this is an independent practice with no formal commercial arrangements with any firm connected with Adviser Home.


 Who are we?

Good question...Adviser Home founding Directors are Andy Kirby and Brendan Llewellyn. Andy has 20 years experience as a practicing IFA and helping advisers on strategy development. Brendan has 30 years experience working with over 60 Provider companies marketing through IFAs. All their experience, all their extensive network of contacts are brought together to make Adviser Home an agent of change in the FS sector.

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