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How do you manage rising MiFID II demands efficiently?

Increasing regulatory pressures, like MiFID II, creates increasing workloads for advice firms, who find it more and more challenging to service clients profitably and efficiently. Driving that efficiency is top of many firms’ agendas up and down the UK today.
Founded in 2003, Dynamic Planner is the UK’s most popular risk profiling and asset allocation investment process. It is used by 6,500-plus advisers to ensure investment suitability, increase efficiency and demonstrate value to clients and you can arrange a demonstration with this demo request form
Dynamic Planner is fully integrated with 23 leading back office systems and platforms  so time previously spent on tasks such as portfolio valuation and investment strategy implementation can now be dramatically reduced.   
A new, two-way integration between Dynamic Planner and Intelligent Office was launched last month - and provides you with a seamless, automated journey, removing manual exporting and importing steps from the process. It is available now in the Intelliflo iO Store.
Speaking at the 2019 Dynamic Planner Annual Conference in London on Wednesday 6 February, Nick Eatock - founder and Executive Chairman at iO – told delegates that the integration was the best iO had ever delivered with a partner.
Dan Jordan, Managing Director at Lighthouse Wealth, added at Dynamic Planner’s Annual Conference: “The big thing in 2019 is that you have got to deliver MiFID II as cost efficiently as you can. We have seen today what Dynamic Planner are doing. You’ve got to embrace that.”
Productivity benefits
The Dynamic Planner process takes what can be hours of work for an investment review and reduces it to less than 45 minutes. Advice firms have seen annual productivity benefits of more than £17,000 per adviser as a result.
Many advisers already using Dynamic Planner say that without the demo they would never have understood just how much Dynamic Planner can reduce the need for multiple systems and transform their investment process.
Please complete the demo request form and Dynamic Planner will give you a call to schedule a live remote demonstration.

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