What Works? Day 1 of 5

What Works – day 1 of 5

Helping to make sure your clients value what you do

Jerry Williams*
AMIFA Limited

I decided to generate an invoice for every piece of work I did for a client (whether it was FCA regulated or not). I split the work I did for a client into different elements. For example, if I charged for a house call I billed them at an appropriate time after the event, not when business was concluded.

Many tasks that are carried out for a client often are not FCA regulated but we do them as favours - helping to complete tax credit form etc

Clients were happy to pay as they could see what they were getting from me. They also viewed me as a professional as opposed to a salesman. My cash flow has improved as well as my mindset.

Spreading the connections net

Paul Chandler*
Pennymatters Limited

Having already seen the benefits of professional introducer's like Accountants, Estate Agents and Solicitors I have looked at alternative sources of introducer's from charitable organisations to sports clubs and even schools to broaden my referrals

I have received a boost to my business from new introducer sources I find that with increasing cuts to financing and with increased costs these organisations are in desperate need of additional revenue streams however small.

The referrals are hot leads as these people are requiring my services and are keen to assist the charity, club or school in the process as they have direct links to these organisations and will ultimately see the benefit be it new sports equipment for their club, funding for the children's / grandchildren's School or just knowing that a charity close to their heart will benefit.

Definitely something I will pursue in 2015 and years to come


A simple referral process

Brian Melling

I have always forgotten to ask for referrals at the end of an evening so I ask at the start!
I hand out a number of business cards on the FIRST meeting.
Instead of one business card, I hand about 6, and say " If you like what you hear tonight and like my service, please feel free to pass my cards to your family & friends" As I result – frequent calls saying “ xxx gave me your card, can we discuss a mortgage?”

More Ideas

If you have ideas and practices you’d like to share please visit our page here and note them down. Thanks.

*These two ideas received our Bosch Multi Drinks Machine – Congratulations to Jerry and Paul!


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