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Consider how robo or automated advice could help your business and expand your client reach

1. We know that it’s not cost-effective for some advisers to service clients with smaller investment pots.
2. We also know that some advisers have historic clients who may be in need of review.

Well, we think we’ve come up with a solution. We’ve recently partnered with Munnypot, who offer low cost, online investment advice. Munnypot are keen to work with the Adviser Home community to explore how their service can suit you and your clients.

Munnypot was founded by former IFAs, Andrew Fay and Simon Redgrove, who went on to form Cavanagh group and held the roles of Head of Wealth Management and Head of Personal Advice respectively at Close Brothers. Since then they have been developing Munnypot.

Munnypot offers online, personalised investment advice. If you pass clients to them, you achieve a clear regulatory hand off. You also gain from any investments made through the Munnypot service.

Munnypot is intuitive, easy to use and available for ISA and GIA investments of as little as £25 per month or a £250 single investment. The investment platform is provided by SEI and, with Vanguard Life Style Funds as the investment offering, the total costs – including advice cost – are targeted under 1%.

For more information and details on how to get in touch with Munnypot to see how this could work for you and your clients.
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